In case you’ve missed it, Lovin Malta is currently challenging a 1991 proviso in the Broadcasting Act that allows biased reporting by political party stations, despite the Constitution demanding impartiality on TV.

Our campaign strives towards a reform of broadcasting in Malta where the sector is not dominated by political parties which manipulate the truth.

This debate has been going on for 30 years, with lots of politicians having had their say on the matter. But how much do you know about who has said what in the entire debate that surrounds political party stations? Let’s find out!

We’ve devised this quiz, both as a reminder of what’s been said and to let you be more informed of where some of Malta’s high-profile figures stand on the matter.

Let’s play a game of ‘Who Said That’!

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If you still want to learn more information on the current situation with our legal challenge and the debate surrounding party stations, discover all the latest updates right here on