If you follow the independent media, you’d probably have heard about the young local councillor from Żebbuġ who stood up against the destruction of a public garden by Infrastructure Malta this week.

But if you only get your news from Maltese TV, you definitely wouldn’t have heard of Steve Zammit Lupi’s heroic action.

That’s because One News ignored the story, Net News covered it only from the Nationalist Party angle, and TVM just carried an official press release from the PN.

This incident sparked a must-read opinion piece by Neil Smart Costantino, which explains how important broadcasting reform is if we are going to attract the right people to politics.

Read the piece here:

GUEST POST: Why We Need More People Like Steve Zammit Lupi And Better Coverage Of Their Actions

We’re wondering whether to file a complaint with the Broadcasting Authority on Steve Zammit Lupi’s behalf.

What do you think?

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